Services for Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

Individual Cremation
Our service includes transporting your pet from your local veterinarian to our facility; individual cremation; processing the ashes and returning them to you in a decorative wooden box complete with lace ribbon and silk flowers. Our sympathy card and guardian angel pin are included, as is the cremation certificate. Cremains are returned directly to your home or back to your veterinarian by our driver, via priority mail or you may pick them up personally from us.

For those who care to be part of the process, you are more than welcome to bring your pet to us; or come and choose the container for the cremains; or maybe you would just rather pick it up after the entire process.

Our decorative wooden boxes are suitable for viewing in the home or for burial or they may be placed in a human coffin, should you care to.

Communal Cremation
This service is for clients who do not wish to retain the cremains of their pet but wish the pet to have the highest quality of final care.

Service includes transportation from your local veterinary hospital. Your pet will be cremated with other communal pets; these cremains will then either be sprinkled on protected land or in the Chesapeake Bay. A small token of the ashes can be reutrned to you if you so desire.

Confirmation of the cremation includes a cremation certificate along with our sympathy card and guardian angel pin.

Head of the Line
If you need the pet's cremains for burial with a person; if visiting from out of the area; or if you are just anxious, we can expidite the cremation by putting you at the "Head of the Line."  Our Head of the Line service is only available for Individual Cremations and there is an additional fee.

Witnessed Cremation
If you would like to say a final goodbye, a viewing can be held for those who are mourning the loss of their pet before the individual cremation takes place. You may be present through the complete process. Although it is not encouraged, it is beneficial to many. There is a separate fee for this service also. Our Witnessed Cremation service is only available for Individual Cremations.

Home Pickup
Our home pickup service is available as a separate rate from the cremation fee. When the day comes a phone call to us is all that is needed and our representative will come to your home right away. Our Home Pickup service is available for both Individual and Communal Cremations.